Això al poble no li agradarà. Li/ea/ving project

5/12/2024 / Festival

"Això al poble no li agradarà", it wants to become a meeting point between audiences and contemporary creation. A space capable of generating new forms of relationship between spectators and those contemporary artistic practices that dialogue with the context. The festival proposes a displacement of the cultural pole, a reterritorialization exercise that highlights hybrid creation by connecting artists, spaces and audiences.

Li/ea/ving project

Cia. Sargantana

Sunday June 2
At the MuME, itinerant show.
La Jonquera at 11 a.m
Price: Free

What are the relationships between living and leaving today? Leave to be able to live? Live waiting to leave? Emigrants, refugees, expatriates... All under the label of immigrant in the countries of arrival. Playing with the words "living" and "leaving" (living and leaving), the Li/ea/ving project starts from the observation that the need to leave is increasingly intense in today's societies around the world. Needs to escape, to find a way out, to try to live instead of surviving in increasingly multicultural, more complex societies. The need to see the world, the hope of a new life or the need to save themselves, push entire populations to set off.

All this is embodied in The Li/ea/ving project, a creation where the company and the participants come together to tell a unique story based on local stories and testimonies. The result is a multidisciplinary, multilingual and intercultural project that tells us about exodus, leaving home, running away and surviving. The public thus receives a live, close and, in some cases, site-specific experience.

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