In La Jonquera, climbing is one of the most traditional disciplines in the municipality. With the passionate and invaluable work of some residents, our town has managed to position l'Empordà and Catalonia as a benchmark in bouldering. This modality consists of climbing rock blocks and small walls that can be a maximum of 8 meters without the need for conventional protective materials (which are used in climbing). The Center Excursionista Jonquerenc (CEJ) entity has worked for a handful of years to create several bouldering sectors within the municipality of La Jonquera:

The Carpe Diem sector
The Miradones sector
The Mount Amour sector
The Jewelry sector
The Frontier sector
The Puig del Corb sector

Above all, we must highlight the Puig del Corb project, which is a block with more than 400 open lines at 500 meters high, from where you can see the Canigó massif, the emblematic mountain of the Catalan and French Pyrenees. . That unexpected treasure awaits you in La Jonquera!