Testament, cia. Zum Zum Teatre

4/26/2024 / Theater


They are summoned for the opening of this testament in life and vital; of memories, roots and universal identities. Field, neighborhood and treasure map. A man who loves musicals sings out of tune with a glass eye. Commitment to simplicity and the truth, the truth of the good, the truth of the theater. Who wants to inherit save the world. You are welcome.

Duration: 55 min

Dramaturgy and direction: Izaskun Fernàndez, Julian Sáenz López (Cia EL PATIO), Ramon Molins and Jokin Oregi.
Stage curation: Margarida Troguet.
A production with the support of the ICEC.
Show co-produced with the Mediterranean Fair of Manresa.


Tickets at https://lajonquera.koobin.cat/